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Most of us can remember sitting cross-legged with friends, a Ouija Board balanced on our knees, asking the divine spirits questions about our futures, and accusing other players of pushing the pointer. Countless hours have been spent puzzling over the mystery of the Ouija Board, and although having an actual Ouija Board is still popular, there has been a recent push toward online uses. If you type “Online Ouija Board ” into any search engine, you are likely to get hundreds of thousands of hits for sites all having access to an online Ouija Board. These talking boards work in much the same way that traditional boards do, though they can be played alone at the computer.

There is a huge cult following for paranormal studies right now. Between television shows chronicling the activities of ghost hunters, and a genuine interest in life after death, there is a huge interest in trying to figure out the unknown. Spirit boards are no exception. People have been trying to commune with the dead since the beginning of time, and Ouija Boards have given then average person a means to do this. While the Ouija Board may have changed over the decades, the purpose behind it remains the same.

Ouija Board OnlineWhile the Ouija Boards most of us are familiar with are marketed by Hasbro as a board game, there has been some form or another of talking boards around for centuries. As early as 1100 A.D., forms of spirit boards were used in China to communicate with the dead. The form of Ouija Board most of us know and remember was originally created in 1890, however, and was considered nothing more than a parlor game at dinner parties. They have since been portrayed in many movies, including the 1980’s horror movie Witchboard, which warns against ever using a Ouija Board alone to contact a spirit.

Online versions of Ouija Boards, however, allow users to ask questions without having more than one participant. Most work by simply typing a question into a space on the site, then moving the mouse over the planchette to answer the questions posed to the board’s spirit. You can use different websites to pose simple yes or no questions to the board, or to ask specific questions about names, places, numbers, or dates. These online Ouija sites are usually free to use, though some sites require payment to pose questions to otherworldly spirits.

Though Ouija Boards have evolved over the centuries, people’s fascination with the occult and the paranormal certainly hasn’t wavered. Ever since the beginning of time, people have been trying to find answers to questions regarding life, death, and the unknown, and have certainly tried to find ways to communicate with the dead. As far back as Ancient Egypt, people have believed in some sort of afterlife. While we don’t necessarily build tombs filled with items to make our transition to the afterlife more pleasant, we still try to find ways to connect and communicate with people who have passed on, and we will always continue to search for answers to the meaning of life and what the future may hold in store for us.

  • “Ouija” is a registered name of Parker brothers. The generic term is ‘Talking boards’. Since the Nineties, the Ouija board’s level of popularity has declined significantly, and today sales are just a small percentage of what they were during the 1970s.
  • A number of religions consider such “spirit summoning” to be prohibited, a type of divination or occultism. For the rest of the world, it is yet another manifestation of superstition.

16 thoughts on “Online Ouija Board

  1. There’s two major schools of thought pertaining to whether or not the movements of the Ouji board planchette is actually paranormal in nature. On one hand, scientists believe the movement comes from a psychological artifact referred to as “ideomotor action”; this is nothing more than subconscious movements of the hands by users. On the reverse side are spiritualists who are convinced that the Ouji board functions as a gateway to the spiritual realm.

  2. If you ask a handful of your friends whether or not they’ve ever experimented with the Ouija board, the chances are good that at least a few will report that not only did it work, but the messages offered by the board frightened them terribly. And others find that when they attempt to operate the board, it doesn’t do anything whatsoever.

    • My close friend informed me that she was playing on an Ouija board on one occasion and she asked when she would die and it told her she would die in a car accident when she’s 25 and I’m really skeptical regarding this. Do u guys have any knowledge about this?

      • She really should have in no way asked that question and that was really dangerous since it could change the future where she would then be killed in a car collision. I really hope it would never happen to her and that she is safe and sound.

  3. I participate in a group that meets on a regular basis to talk about the paranormal. Our group would like to make use of an Ouija Board to get hold of the dead. A number of group members object and firmly insist that the Ouija board is a gateway to evil and possession by the Devil as well as the realm of Satan. Other individuals point out it is a useful medium to the other side. What do you think?

  4. There are lots of ways in which people are able to cheat/subconsciously manipulate the Ouija Board. It is merely your imagination. Accept it.

    • Ouija boards work even if you are the only person in contact with it. You should try it someday. Freaked me right the f*ck out, despite the fact that I knew what was taking place. And I Am not one of these individuals who is convinced in ghosts and spirits and wants it to happen.

      • It seriously is 99.99% of the time you without conscious thought moving the planchette to what you desire it to be. Now if it would do things without having people’s hands on it, it would be a ghostly thing.

        • My boyfriend was messing with a ouji board the ting flew off and went across the room then something threw him into the desk and now he is stuck with chronic back pain for the rest of his life. Call me crazy but I saw it with my own eyes and I know what I saw and it wasn’t pretty. Had to fu[**** call the EMTs. Scary as shit.

  5. It’s your mind playing tricks. If you’re in a quiet, dark room and you listen to see if you can hear anything out of the ordinary, chances are you’ll likely will. Your brain is incredibly powerful, and can play tricks on you.

    • Have you contemplated that it could have been spirits attempting to communicate with you? People believe much crazier stuff all the time, you know.

        • I decide to believe in things not cause scientific disciplines has demonstrated them to be correct, or cause other people state they are, but because, within this universe which is brimming with inexplicable uncertainties, I am able to believe whatever I would like, because nothing can be totally and irrefutably proven to exist or to not exist.

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